“Joop Stotijn”/DSZ (The Netherlands)

Diving team “Joop Stotijn”/DSZ – (http://www.dsz-zwemmen.nl/schoonspringen/)

The diving team is based in The Hague, Netherlands since January 1954 and nowadays organises dive-training in alliance with Diving Morgenstond. We are proud to attend Senet again with 6 divers competing in various competitions.

Members of our team are Lize van Leeuwen (Netherlands national age-group mix-synchro A/B champion 3 meter), Frédérique Schonk (Regional age-group A 1 and 3 meter 2nd place), Guus de Bakker (Netherlands national champion age group A platform, Regional Champion 1, 3 meter and platform), Florian Prins (Netherlands national age-group C 2nd place 1 meter), Carter Loftin (Netherlands national champion age-group C 1 and 3 meter) and Melissa van ‘t Wout (Region south championschips 2nd place 1 meter C-group). SDC-Coaches are Henk Delwel and Karel de Bruijn.